Configuration Pack for Windows 10 64 bit

Config Pak Win 10 Home
Contains the following:
  • Services configuration, disabling unnecessary network facing services to minimize attack surface.
  • Access control list, partition Standard users from admin command-line commands.
  • Password age and length requirement settings: 14 characters and good for 60 days
  • Account lockout condition : upon trying 50 bad passwords
  • Account lockout duration: 15 minutes
  • System, Application and Security Event Log size: 1000000 kb
  • Have Event Viewer show success and failure events for Account Logons, Account Management, Policy Change and System events.
  • Prevent users from installing printer drivers.
  • Require pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL to logon.
  • Do not display last logon user name.
  • Do not allow remote users to list out account names:
  • Use NTLMv2 protocol (latest) instead of older protocols.
  • UAC will deny Standard user accounts the right to elevate. (instead of prompting for admin password)
  • Event Viewer 'custom view' import xml files, allows for detection of system intrusion.
  • How to set up a Honey Folder for intrusion detection.
  • Ability to quickly set hardening configuration upon re-installation of OS.
  • Restore services and ACL to out-of-box settings.

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USD $9.04 (including tax)